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The Story

LEONESSA is a premium lingerie brand focusing on so-called bralettes (bras without underwires and padding) founded by Michèle Krüsi in 2019, after years of looking for a lingerie brand that has it all: sexy designs, perfect shapes and a comfortable fit—especially for a woman with not-so-big boobs like her but as she heard the same stories from other women with all kind of body types.



For this reason, she just decided to fill this gap in the fashion industry by creating her very own lingerie brand named LEONESSA Lingerie which not only stands for the perfect balance between a sexy (but not overly sexy) look but just as much for comfort and above all for feeling comfortable in your own body. Because that is what lingerie should do for you and that is what LEONESSA as a brand stands for: Empowering women by making them feel like the goddesses they are! 


At LEONESSA we focus on fair production and therefore work with a small manufacturer in Porto, Portugal who produces all the items by hand under high standards, not only regarding the quality results theyre providing, but also how they treat and compensate their employees. For Michèle it was important to ensure the working conditions meet her expectations, so she visited the factory herself. So, as each LEONESSA piece is handmade it only comes in limited series. Find out more about our factories. 



Each collection and every single piece are designed by Michèle personally with love and passion for beautiful lingerie that immediately makes a woman feel sexy and strong while wearing it. But as we value the thoughts and taste of our community, your feedback on the design is the most important thing for us. Therefore you are always invited to help us create your dream lingerie (or swimwear). Before we go into our final production, we work with a lot of women who try on our pre-production samples and give us feedback on the look and comfort of each piece so we are able to find perfect shapes and materials that fit a wide range of body types.


Want to hear a little story? When Michèle started this project, she knew she doesn't want to come up with just another fast fashion brand in the fashion industry. She would either come up with a brand that has a meaning and stands for something she believes in or she wouldn't start at all.


We still live in a society where women are rated by their outer appearance and their bodies. Too curvy, too skinny, too tall. We even rate ourselves based on how we look. And that is so entirely wrong. We are all beautiful. Every single body. That's what we stand for a LEONESSA: Celebrating women, all women. 


Starting to plan the campaign shooting of our first collection, Michèle knew from the very beginning she wanted to have two models of different sizes. Not only to showcase that our pieces look as good on a size L as they do on a size S, but also and mainly to demonstrate that both are equally beautiful and worth representing lingerie – which, unfortunately, still is not common in the fashion industry in general but especially not in lingerie. 


But when she was looking for a curvier model, she just couldn't find any local agency with curvier models in their files. It was shocking and frustrating at the same time. In the end she decided to scout all of our beautiful curvy models herself and she still does so. It is taking her a whole lot of time, everytime she is planning a new campaign, but it is among her favorite tasks to do. 


That is also how she found our muse Cristel, who was modeling for our very first campaign, back in 2019. We remember Michèle jumping of pure joy when Cristel agreed to be part of the campaign, because Michèle knew this is going to be the start of something amazing and it will form her baby LEONESSA right how she wants it to be. Cristel, this goes to you: Thank you for being a perfect example that curves rock and every woman should wear them with pride and self-confidence! Your attitude and charisma was above inspiring and you are a true LEONESSA [lioness]!


​I bet you can already feel what this brand stands for, but we are so proud of it, we want to write it down anyway: LEONESSA is dedicated to all the strong women who are independent, ambitious, confident and proud of their female body. Whether a woman is skinny, sporty or curvy, she should always feel sexy in her own skinshe should feel like the LEONESSA [lioness] she is.


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